Andrew Waites is the leader our state needs

Andrew Waites is an entrepreneur and innovator. He is the founder and president of several companies. In 1998 he founded Inventory Procurement Services, LLC (IPS) with Bill Hudson of Hudson Salvage, Inc.. IPS has grown into a premier wholesale supplier for several large retailers, brokering over $100,000,000 in retail merchandise during 2018. In 2000, Andrew founded eValueville, Inc. and pioneered online large-scale inventory liquidation. Adam Cohen identified Waites as the “Henry Ford of eBay,” in his book The Perfect Store, Inside eBay. In 2006 Andrew’s latest venture, Waites Wireless Sensor Technology, LLC, was formed. Working with teams in Scotland, Taiwan and the United States, Andrew and his team developed a wireless sensor system that is quickly becoming the standard in the industrial artificial intelligence industry. Armed with a multimillion-dollar commitment to supply and install sensors throughout the world, Waites Wireless is revolutionizing production plants worldwide.

I want to use my leadership as a father and entrepreneur in the Mississippi State House.


Waites and his companies have been noted in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week Magazine, The New York Times, Women’s Day, and featured in Success Magazine and numerous online reporting venues.


Andrew has been married to Laura for 30 years, and has three children. Logan Leigh is a graduate of The University of Mississippi,  Lilly graduated from Belmont University, and Troy graduated from Mississippi State. Waites earned his MBA from Regent University in 1992 and in addition to serving on their Board of Directors, was named to the School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship’s inaugural Alumni Hall of Distinction in 2007. His family has attended Venture Church in Hattiesburg since 2007.